About us


A Brief History of GRP Australia

GRP Australia is a Brisbane based, family owned and operated company. As an independent supplier we source and import FRP pultruded structural sections, FRP grating and other related products from trusted quality manufacturers. This enables us to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices.


With years of industry experience, GRP Australia prides itself on its unmatched expertise in FRP, making us the trusted choice for structural FRP needs


We prioritize exceptional customer service, going above and beyond to ensure our clients' satisfaction with prompt assistance, personalized attention, and a commitment to resolving their needs efficiently


We drive innovation by pushing boundaries, exploiring new possibilities, & consistently challenging the status quo

Design & Fabrication

Combining cutting-edge design expertise with precise fabrication practices, GRP Australia deliveries exceptional products through structural FRP components


Meet our esteemed directors, whose visionary leadership and unwavering dedication have steered us towards excellence and innovation.


Rolf Vollert


BEng (mech) MIEA CPEng (Ret)

Professional engineer with over 30 years’ experience in mining, industrial and commercial sectors. With a customer-centric approach, Rolf has strengthened partnerships with engineers, builders, and construction companies, driving growth and delivering tailored solutions. GRP Australia stands as a trusted industry leader under his guidance. 

Peter Vollert


Peter is an experienced civil engineer and the Director of GRP Australia. With over 30 years of expertise in the civil construction, wastewater management, industrial and mining sectors, Peter's innovative approach combines technical expertise together with buildability input. He actively advocates for the use of Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) technology, revolutionizing infrastructure design and construction in Australia.  Peter's extensive experience in engineering and project management, is invaluable to engineers, builders, and architects providing practical input into designs utilising FRP products. Peter's dedication to continuous professional development ensures that GRP Australia remains at the forefront of industry advancements, consistently providing cutting-edge solutions.



Allow us to introduce the exceptional team at GRP Australia.  With years of industry experience, our knowledgeable project managers, customer-focused sales representatives, and efficient logistics team are committed to delivering top-quality FRP solutions that exceed your expectations and propel your projects to success

Madonna Hockings
Madonna HockingsOperations Manager
Madonna has been with GRP since day one and plays a pivotal role in the growth, development and ultimately, success of the company. As Operations Manager at GRP Australia, Madonna brings a wealth of knowledge across several areas, including business management, international logistics and accounting. All this combined with her irrefutable commitment to GRP, Madonna has earnt respect and admiration from all GRP employees and clients.
Monique Lewis
Monique LewisAccounts & HR Administration
Monique is an experienced professional who has played an integral role at GRP Australia since its inception. As Accounts and Admin Manager her meticulous attention to detail and expertise in administration, HR and accounting procedures has ensured the stability and growth of the business. Monique continues to play a pivotal role in driving the continued success of GRP Australia.
Callum Dolby
Callum DolbyProject Manager
Callum joined the team at GRP Australia in 2019 with practical and technical proficiencies in the construction sector. As Project Manager with a Degree in Industrial Design/Major in Mechanical Engineering, his experience in design, drafting and fabrication utilising FRP materials has furthered GRP Australia’s growth. Callum capably manages the unique challenges of planning and successfully delivering a complex portfolio of projects in a diverse range of environments.
Harrison Gavin
Harrison GavinSales & Estimator
Harrison is a dedicated and versatile professional who combines his background as an Industrial Designer with his role in sales/estimating at GRP. Possessing a keen eye for design and an understanding of FRP materials, Harrison takes pride in delivering bespoke solutions to satisfy the various needs of his clients.
Susan Malone
Susan MaloneSales & Estimator
With a diverse background in estimating a range of projects across construction and architectural sectors, Susan brings a unique perspective as a member of the Sales & Estimating Team. With a keen eye for technical design details, Susan prides herself in clear and concise communication with GRP clients.
Johnathan Taylor
Johnathan TaylorAccounts
Johnathan brings a fresh approach to GRP Australia as a qualified accountant, assisting in the management of financial transactions, analysing data and stock management. Johnathan plays a crucial role in optimizing financial processes that drive GRP Australia’s business growth.


We at GRP Australia are a Brisbane based company where we house our design & fabrication facilities. The services we offer are as follows:


FRP Supply


Project Consultations


In House Design


CNC Drilling Services


CNC Cutting Services


Metro & Interstate Deliveries


What is GRP

GRP (glass reinforced plastic), also known as fibreglass is a composite material made primarily of glass fibres and a thermosetting resin. The two main products supplied by GRP Australia are pultruded GRP and moulded grating. Pultruded GRP is a manufactured fiberglass product made in a continuous moulding process while FRP Moulded Grating is a fiberglass decking product made in a batch process.  

The exceptional high strength to weight ratio and versatility of GRP allows it to be used in various applications, while its customizability makes it ideal for meeting specific industry needs.

What is the Difference Between GRP and FRP Material?

FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) is a composite material or polymer made of resin (plastic) reinforced by fibres. The fibre of the composite could be glass, carbon, or aramid while the plastics could be composed of polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy. FRP is a general term that can be used interchangeably with GRP, as GRP is a type of FRP with the fibre component being glass.


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