FRP construction materials for railway platforms, access walkways and more

Use of FRP materials in the railway industry has gained traction in UK and Europe because it is non-conductive, has high strength to weight ratio and does not corrode or rot.

Products and solutions supplied by GRP Australia:


The unique combination of resin and fibreglass means our building materials don’t rust, corrode or deteriorate when exposed to harsh water-based conditions.


Beneficial when any sensitive materials, instruments or machinery need to work in a non-magnetic environment.


No special tools needed to install, cut, shape and install our FRP building materials.


The lightweight nature of this building material means it’s easy to transport and even easier to work with. No welding or heavy machinery needed.

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The Australian railway industry has been the backbone of freight in our country for supply chain fulfilment and passenger transportation. As part of an ongoing commitment to the railway industry, we have worked closely with several industry bodies, suppliers and contractors to provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the railway industry.

Our range of industry specific building solutions have been tailor-made to meet the requirements not only of the railway sector but also to prosper in our harsh Australian climate that sees blistering hot summers and extreme weather events on a regular basis.

“FRP is an innovative building materials capable of meeting the demands of the rail industry”

FRP helps solve many building challenges

Our range of FRP building materials offer significant improvements over traditional building materials like steel and concrete. These building materials have routinely been used in the railways industry for decades and whilst cheap, common and available, there are several drawbacks to using these materials.

FRP offers a new way of building that reduces install times, man-handling requirements and doesn’t need to be painted.

Our FRP building materials are:-

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Non-degradable
  • Incredibly robust
  • Available in a wide variety of colours & textures
  • Fire resistant and not susceptible to melting

We offer FRP Building materials for a range of different applications including platforms, walkways, islands, ramps, bridges, maintenance bays, raised access walkways and many other combinations and options for the railway industry.


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